Lord March braves monster Bugatti

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Lord March Braves Monster Bugatti

26 June 2016

Earlier today, Lord March became the first non-professional driver ever to drive the new Bugatti Chiron. This quad-turbocharged hypercar appears set to become the fastest production car ever made, Bugatti claiming a top speed of 261mph and 0-60mph time of just 2.3-seconds. This 1479bhp, eight-litre, W16-engine monster costs around £1.9m, and is a replacement for the not exactly slow Veyron 16.4. Just 360 are set to be built.

Lord March enjoyed every second of his outing up the Hill. He said: "In terms of an overall automotive experience, that was at the very top - unbelievable power, yet unbelievably drivable. It was a full rush for all the senses.”


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