1. I am over the age of 18 years.
  2. I will comply with all instructions given by the organisers and any other representative of Goodwood at all times.
  3. I am physically and mentally fit to carry out the services and I will inform the organisers immediately should any change in my condition occur which I have reason or ought to have reason to believe would affect my ability to carry out the services.
  4. I acknowledge the nature and type of the event and that while undertaking the services I may be exposed to the potential risk inherent in the activities carried out at the event, including the risks associated in going beyond spectator viewing line, and I will undertake activities with its associated risks with due and proper regard for my safety and that of others.
  5. I shall have adequate insurance in place to cover the liabilities arising from the provision of the services. 
  6. I understand that I shall be liable for any loss or liability suffered by Goodwood as a result of my error, default, act or omission.
  7. I agree that Goodwood shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered directly or indirectly by me as a consequence of my participation in the event (excluding Goodwood’s liability for personal injury or death caused by its own negligence).
  8. Filming of the track and hillclimb during the event is strictly forbidden unless Goodwood has given prior written approval.
  9. I will comply with all photographer tabard rules requirements as directed by Goodwood and I shall not under any circumstances exchange tabards with any other individual.
  10. I understand my photographer tabard may be revoked at any time by Goodwood and for any reason.

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