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SEP 27th 2019

Bob Murray

Thank Frankel it's Friday: An ode to the Honda NSX

A couple of days ago someone tweeted a picture of a derelict Honda NSX abandoned in a field. And I’ve not been able to get thoughts of the car out of my mind ever since. So I did what I always so in such circumstances and lost far too much time trawling for a car I can’t afford and wouldn’t be able to use even if I could. Such are the delights of freelance motoring journalism.

And even though prices have risen by as much as 50 per cent in the last three years, I still think these are cheap cars. My search revealed that around £50,000 is what’s required to secure an honest example without too many miles on the clock, or a gorgeous example with very few miles on the clock so long as you don’t mind the steering wheel being on the other side of the car. Which I wouldn’t, at all.


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