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FEB 23rd 2018
Andrew Frankel

Andrew Frankel

Thank Frankel it's Friday: Why I adore the Ferrari Dino

When I was young I briefly had some money, partly on account of a family bereavement, partly because at the time I was working in the city in the last days of the Thatcher bull market. Like many with whom I plied my trade, I was an obnoxious, ignorant idiot who quite rightly got slung out on his ear as soon as they realised that behind the bluff and bluster lay a man with no talent for the job of any kind.


Andrew Frankel

Andrew Frankel has been racing cars for over 20 years and testing them for nearer to 30. He is senior contributing writer to both Autocar and MotorSport magazines, sits on the Car of the Year jury and was chief car tester for the Sunday Times for 15 years. He cites driving and writing as the only disciplines for which he has any talent and therefore considers himself vocationally employed. When he is not working he lives quietly in the Wye Valley with his family, a small and unimportant accumulation of cheap old cars and some sheep.

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