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SEP 26th 2017
Dan Trent

Dan Trent

Dan Trent: Chasing the Autobahn dream in a Lotus Carlton

I’m just back from driving a fast car across Germany, a jaunt that inevitably inspired attempts to enjoy driving legally at speeds that would get me locked up at home. Sadly the reality is less a limit-free Nirvana and more an experience any British motorway user would find familiar. Which is to say wall to wall trucks, temporary speed limits, roadworks, dawdling lane hogs and – in this instance – rain so hard it didn’t feel wise going much beyond 60mph, let alone 160. 


Dan Trent

Exposure to a Performance Car review of the Lamborghini Countach 5000QV at an impressionable age set Dan Trent on course for a life-long obsession with cars. Immersion in the world of used car temptation with a spell as editor of only sealed the deal, compulsive online tyre-kicking now a daily ritual. He’s still some way off that Countach though.

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