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OCT 17th 2018
Doug Nye

Doug Nye

Doug Nye: The first true McLaren

For many of us who have been around in racing for such a long time, it is with genuine regret that we see the simply uncompetitive level to which McLaren has sunk within Formula 1.  When Fernando Alonso was radioed information on the leading places the Russian GP at Sochi he shut his engineer up by responding so simply “We are P15 – I don’t care”…


Doug Nye

Doug Nye began writing about racing cars at ‘Motor Racing’ magazine in 1963-64. Today he is a multiple award-winning motor sports journalist and author of over 50 years’ experience, with some 70 books to his name. He is Goodwood Motorsport’s founding Historian and consultant and fulfils similar roles for Bonhams Auctioneers and the Collier Collection/Revs Institute in Naples, FL, USA. He is a member of the National Motor Museum Advisory Council at Beaulieu, Hants, and is a regular columnist for ‘Motor Sport’ magazine, while contributing to many other specialist periodicals worldwide.

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