JUN 30th 2016

Erin Baker – What Does Brexit Mean For British Car Makers?

Last week, Rolls-Royce and Mini unveiled their visions of the future, to mark BMW Group’s centenary. Apart from their parentage, the two brands, so seemingly disparate (one makes big luxury grand tourers, the other cheap urban hatches), have much in common. The two concepts focus on the commonalities of connectivity and personification - the two attributes binding all cars in 20-25 years, if BMW’s board directors are right. Thus both concepts have been designed to have their owner’s mark instantly bestowed upon them, whether that’s an LED blue stripe down the digital screen wrapping the Mini’s bonnet, or choosing whether your electric Rolls is a coupe or saloon.

103 EX OÄì Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100_1.jpg

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