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NOV 06th 2017
John Simister

John Simister

John Simister: The only Ferrari I could see in my garage

Is there something wrong with me? Hand on heart, there's nothing in the current range of Ferrari motor cars that I'd actually want to own. They're unusably wide, they're leeringly ugly to my eyes (488 arguably excepted) and they're so quick that driving them on the road would be saturated in frustration at not being able to exercise them properly. Oh, and they lack a gear lever and a clutch pedal.


John Simister

A deep concern for the planet's welfare ensures that the cars in John Simister's current assemblage of classics all have engines of under a litre, including a two-stroke Saab which causes the road behind to disappear from view after a cold start. This squares well with John's status as a Car of the Year jury member and a writer both on modern cars and old ones, the latter for Octane and Practical Classics. He has been a journalist since 1984, and lives in the Chiltern Hills with his wife Deborah and a dog called Sprocket.

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