First ever ‘90s Sunday Breakfast Club this November

03rd October 2021
Ben Miles

We’re happy to announce that the third and final Goodwood Breakfast Club of 2021 will take place on 7th November, celebrating all cars and bikes from that decade of Britpop, girl power and V10s in F1 – the 1990s.


This Breakfast Club will be the first ever ‘90s Sunday, dedicated to all cars built between 1st January 1990 and 31st December 1999. With the nineties being perhaps the final unrestricted era of car development, before downsizing and the move toward electrification and electronic safety measures, the first ‘90s Sunday should bring an incredible mixture of machines.

We expect to celebrate every single genre of car at ‘90s Sunday, as the decade saw developments in pretty much every possible sector. As the hot hatch rose to prominence so did the real super saloon and the fast estate. Cars like the Audi RS2 showed us that even the most mundane-looking of machines can be fun while the likes of Peugeot’s 106 and sister car the Citroën Saxo determined that you didn’t need to have deep pockets to have lots of fun.

But don’t let yourself be restricted to four-wheeled machines. The ‘90s also saw an arms race on two wheels, that led to the Suzuki Hayabusa making its debut right at the very end of the decade, so we want to see what ‘90s bikes you’ve all got hidden away.

The grid at Classic Car Sunday in August.

The grid at Classic Car Sunday in August.

Applications to display at ‘90s Sunday are open now, and we genuinely are open to all varieties of cars from the decade. Our super-successful ‘80s Sunday, at the end of 2019, showed how much we all love cars and bikes of any genre, and this time we’re just boosting that forward by a single decade. So apply with your ‘90s machine, whether that’s a supercar, a hot hatch, the earliest of SUVs or any other segment.

Don’t worry if you either don’t have a car that fits the bill, or aren’t accepted to display, you can still come along for free buy registering for a ticket and heading on down.

‘This closing Breakfast Club of a truncated, but successful, season follows on from the opening GRRC-only event and August’s Classic Car Sunday. The circuit will be open from 07:00 to registered cars, with all needing to leave by 12:30 at the latest.

To register your car for ‘90s Sunday click here.

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