Vee-Power Sunday provides the perfect dawn chorus

06th November 2022
Simon Ostler

The Breakfast Club season is brought to an end this morning with what is likely to be one of the best-sounding events of the year. That’s right, we’re celebrating Vee-Power, and welcoming V-twins, V4s, V6s, V8s, V10s and V12s to the Motor Circuit.


Even as the rain arrives, that hasn’t stopped some hardy car owners from opening up the throttle and letting those glorious engines roar. We’ve seen V8s from Jaguar, Bentley and McLaren, but other less likely protagonists, too, such as a Ford Mondeo ST200 with its Cosworth 2.5-litre V6.

We’re not going to let the rain get us down, how could it when we’re surrounded by some of the best-sounding engines in the world?

Photography by James Lynch, Joe Harding and Toby Whales.

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