Vote: Pick the best car of Rule Britannia Sunday

04th June 2022
Simon Ostler

It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable day here at the second Goodwood Breakfast Club of the year. Rule Britannia Sunday served up a suitably splendid selection of Great British cars as we celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in the only way we know.


Perhaps the most striking aspect of this near-thousand-strong collection of cars was the variety of what was on show. A Gulf-liveried McLaren F1 GTR Longtail (chassis #28R to be precise) was of course a highlight, but in the space of a few yards you could also find a decommissioned London Taxi, a Lotus Carlton and a gorgeous selection of Nobles.

There were also plenty of reminders of the heritage of British motoring, from the earliest beginnings of Bentley, to Ecurie Ecosse legends and plenty in between, each car with plenty of stories to tell. Historic cars that have survived the tests of time and remain incredibly popular for onlookers of all ages.

It is of course difficult to wax lyrical about British motoring without mentioning the modern might that is McLaren. Alongside the F1 GTR, we were treated to a McLaren Senna, a P1, and plenty more from what is a growing stable of excellent sports cars.

Among all of these fantastic cars, we’ve tried to narrow down to just six of the very best cars in attendance at Rule Britannia Sunday, cast your vote and let us know your favourite.

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    Early arrivers kick off Rule Britannia Sunday

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