Svelte Polestar 5 takes to the Hill at 2023 Festival of Speed

14th July 2023
Adam Wilkins

The Swedish alternative to the Audi E-tron GT and Porsche Taycan is getting ever closer. The Polestar 5 appeared at last year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard in camouflage, and it’s back this year in its latest validation prototype form. It’s in camo again, but if you look closely you’ll be able to make out the shape. It’s tipped to enter production next year, so the car you see here is very close to how the finished car will appear.


The Polestar 5 was previewed by the Precept concept of 2020 and, while the styling has been toned down a little for the showroom version it remains a well-proportioned four-door GT. In a world that’s becoming ever more accustomed to high-sided SUVs, the 5’s sleek proportions are a breath of fresh air. The low bonnet line makes the most of the EV architecture, emphasising a high waistline that gives it a muscular appearance. We’re expecting a cool, minimalist – and very Scandinavian – interior.

And it has the punch to back up the looks. There’s no confirmation yet on the specification batteries and motor, but the prototype packs a 844PS (650kW) and 900Nm (664lb ft) punch. That’s likely to equate to a 0-62mph time of well under three seconds. The production car is likely to be fitted with dual motors and feature four-wheel-drive. Polestar reassures us that it’s not just a straight-line sledgehammer, either.


There has been a focus on making the car as lightweight as possible to aid cornering. A bonded aluminium structure is its foundation, using technology that has been synonymous with Lotus for more than two decades. Let’s not forget the Geely is now the parent of both the Swedish and British firms. Development of the Polestar 5 is being undertaken in the UK, so the run at Goodwood is more or less on home ground for the newcomer.

The on-sale date is yet to be confirmed, but it’s expected to hit showrooms next year with a six-figure price tag. It will follow the Polestar 3, which is also in action at this year’s Festival of Speed.

Photography by Toby Whales.

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