Video: FOS Timed Shootout IN FULL

07th July 2016
Ethan Jupp

The 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed was a rollercoaster of trials and emotions for both spectators and participants as the heavens hung menacingly above our heads throughout the weekend. A clear summer's morning would be followed by a rather wetter afternoon, and vice versa.

Nevertheless, we soldiered on through the rain and, for the drivers, grease on the hill. Needless to say it made for some spectacular demonstrations of car control, and an interesting mix-up of the odds. Suddenly downforce played second fiddle to all-wheel-drive as the key competitive feature on the Hillclimb. Yet, as the conditions continued to evolve over the course of the weekend, the odds were always in flux. Couple that with the constant threat of car/component failure, and you have one hell of an exciting event.

The timed shootout turned it up to eleven, as the fight for Goodwood supremacy could have been anyone's game. In the video above watch the full timed shootout as competitors battle for victory in pre-war monsters, supercars, rally cars, BTCC cars, GT racers and more.

What would you take for a crack at the legendary all-time record of 41.6 seconds?

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