Event Coverage ,Festival of Speed
JUL 14th 2023

Ethan Jupp

Video: Lamborghini Revuelto debuts at 2023 Festival of Speed

Every ten years or so a new V12 Lamborghini debuts, and every time one does there’s fear and speculation: “has the Raging Bull been sanitised?” Well, judging by the Revuelto’s debut on the Hill at this year’s Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard, there’s nothing safe or sanitised about it. It deployed all of its 1,000PS-plus, revving up to over 9,000rpm, with the kind of aggression and flamboyance you’d expect of a top-end raging Bull, slithering left and right as it launched off the line and took the first couple of corners. With the instant torque of three electric motors, it was also quick to spin up while rolling on the damp Hill surface.


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