6 Ferraris you have to see at the 2023 Goodwood Revival

04th September 2023
Simon Ostler

This year we are indescribably excited to explore the paddocks at the Goodwood Revival because they’re due to be packed with some of the rarest and most stunning Ferraris the world has ever seen. Anyone lucky enough to have bagged a ticket for Saturday at this year’s event will be treated to what is bound to be a very special occasion as the all-Ferrari Lavant Cup presented by Sky Cinema gets underway at 14:15.

The sight of a Ferrari racing at Goodwood is always evocative, and in 2023 we will be treated a whole grid of them storming down to Madgwick. You have to wait for the Lavant Cup to get your Ferrari fix at the Revival, though, there are plenty of others taking to the Motor Circuit throughout the weekend. Here are seven Ferraris racing at the 2023 Goodwood Revival that you simply have to see.


1. Ferrari 246 F1 ‘Dino’

Racing in the Richmond & Gordon Trophies

Ferrari wouldn’t be Ferrari without Formula 1, so it’s impossible to talk about the world’s most famous red cars without mentioning something from its revered history in the sport. The Ferrari 246 competed in F1 from 1958-1960, powered by a 2.4-litre ‘Dino’ V6 engine. It was the first V6-engined car to ever win a Formula 1 grand prix, and also the last front-engined car to do so at the 1960 Italian Grand Prix, albeit in a reduced field, as the majority of faster rear-engined British teams boycotted the race on safety grounds. The 246 was also the car that Mike Hawthorn drove to win the 1958 Formula 1 world championship.

That’s what makes the Richmond & Gordon Trophies such a special race at the Revival, because it gives us an opportunity to experience that period of racing. A tumultuous period in F1 history as the stoic Ferrari team stuck to its front-engined guns for as long as possible, mixing it with the lighter and nimbler rear-engined Coopers and Lotuses. It’ll be hard to miss in its classic red livery, and if you’re here in attendance on either Friday or Saturday you’ll have the chance to see it in action.


Video: 2023 Richmond & Gordon Trophies highlights

09th September 2023


2. Ferrari 250TR

Racing in the Sussex Trophy

While Ferrari was busy winning the F1 championship, it was in the midst of an extremely successful spell in sportscar racing. With the Ferrari 250TR, the Prancing Horse dominated closed-wheel racing between 1958 and 1961, winning on multiple occasions at Le Mans and Sebring and taking victory in the 1958 Targa Florio. In all, the 250TR won 10 races in the World Sportscar Championship, taking the crown in ’58, ’60 and ’61. Its closest competitor was the Aston Martin DBR1, which in the hands of Stirling Moss deprived Ferrari of the title in 1959.

Among a grid full of beautiful sportscars from that period racing in the Revival’s annual Sussex Trophy, the Ferrari 250TR is one you will definitely want to see. Not only is it stunning to look at, but it sounds incredible too with its 3.0-litre V12 engine. This will be one of the sights of the weekend as it races full-blooded into the dusk on Sunday evening.


Video: 2023 Sussex Trophy highlights

09th September 2023


3. Ferrari 750 Monza

Racing in the Freddie March Memorial Trophy

Another utterly beautiful Ferrari sportscar, the 750 Monza is a similar proposition to the 250TR. Introduced in 1954 to compete in the World Sportscar Championship, but featuring a 3.0-litre inline-four, it was a more powerful alteration of the 500 Mondial. Its life in racing was short, and stifled by the dominance of the Mercedes 300 SLR in 1955, but its beauty remains undimmed even to this day.

Those earliest years of sportscar racing produced some of the most gorgeous machines the world has ever seen, and many of them will take to the Goodwood Motor Circuit on Friday evening for the Freddie March Memorial Trophy. The 750 Monza is one of those cars that is wonderfully balanced from any angle, and you’ll not want to take your eyes off it when it’s in action at the Revival.


Video: 2023 Freddie March Memorial Trophy highlights

08th September 2023


4. Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

Racing in the Lavant Cup

This is one Ferrari you will definitely not want to miss, mainly because this weekend at the Goodwood Revival is one of the very few occasions where you’ll actually get to see it racing. The Ferrari 250 GT Lusso was never intended to be raced, it was instead considered to be the most elegant of the all the 250s with a larger and more luxurious design. That being said, of course Ferrari couldn’t help itself, and the Lusso did indeed enter a handful of races, namely the Targa Florio and the Tour de France. As a member of the 250 family, it was of course powered by that wonderous 3.0-litre Colombo V12.

In all, 351 ever built, and they are considered to be incredibly rare and valuable these days, do not miss your opportunity to bask in the glory of this brilliant piece of Ferrari history. The fact it’s going to be lining up on the grid for the all-Ferrari Lavant Cup on Saturday afternoon (see more below) is the icing on the Rosso Corsa cake.


Video: 2023 Lavant Cup highlights

08th September 2023


5. Ferrari 250 GTO

Racing in the Lavant Cup

We’ll stick with the Lavant Cup, and the 250 family, for our remaining picks, because quite frankly these are some of the very greatest cars to ever grace the Goodwood Motor Circuit. Taking the value and rarity stakes to another echelon, we have the Ferrari 250 GTO. Just 36 were built, with V12 power, and they were hugely successful in GT racing from their debut in 1962 until their front-engined layout became obsolete in the face of new rear-engined competition, namely from Porsche with its 904 GTS, in 1964.

But the 250 GTO’s long nose is exactly what makes it such a brilliant car to look at. It’s surely one of the greatest car designs of all time. Instantly recognisable, balanced, flowing, and ultimately extremely fast. Cars like this aren’t likely to seen on race tracks for much longer, so this may well be you last chance to see one live. If you have a ticket to the Revival this weekend, do not miss the Ferrari 250 GTO.

Photography by Nick Dungan

Photography by Nick Dungan

6. Ferrari 250 GT SWB ‘Breadvan’

Racing in the Lavant Cup

We said the ‘standard’ 250 GTO is one of the best car designs of all time, well the Ferrari 250 GT SWB ‘Breadvan’ could well be the greatest piece of car design the world has ever seen. Only one was ever built, in 1962, it was a conversion of a 250 GT Berlinetta SWB, and it was built to compete against the 250 GTO at the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1962. Unfortunately, it suffered a driveshaft failure after four hours. It went on to race on four more occasions that year, where it won its GT class on two occasions at Brands Hatch and at the Ollon-Villars hillclimb.

This is another car that we’re unlikely to see racing again, especially not among such an esteemed grid of many of the world’s most valuable and extraordinary Ferraris. It’ll be competing in the Lavant Cup on Saturday afternoon, and it’s likely to be extremely fast. If nothing else, you have to see the Breadvan, we will not hear any word to contrary that this is by far and away the coolest car, let alone Ferrari, on the planet.

Images courtesy of Motorsport Images. 


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