Goodwood Greats: Ferrari 250 SWBs on track

28th November 2017
Ethan Jupp

If the GTO is the nipped, tucked, attention-seeking princess, the SWB is the reserved, elegant and polite natural beauty of the Ferrari 250 family. 


Though the GTO has commanded the headlines for years for its international economy-bothering values, the SWB has always remained a favourite of ours. It’s also been a Goodwood staple racer, both in its heyday of the early ‘60s and in the modern Revival era in the trumpetous RAC TT Celebration and more recently, Kinrara Trophy races.

It’s the car anyone new to classics almost immediately falls in love with and we just can’t get enough. That’s why we assembled six of these jaw-slackening beauties on the Goodwood grid in the calm before the Revival storm. The subtle differences in their snouts are a token of their authenticity given the hand-crafted panel-beaten no-two-are-the-same nature of their construction in period. Is this one of Ferrari’s greatest all-time triumphs?

Photography by Tom Shaxson

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