Event Coverage ,Goodwood Revival
SEP 12th 2020

Seán Ward

Nine raucous onboards from the RAC TT Celebration

The RAC TT Celebration is a Revival favourite. For the fans lining the Motor Circuit’s perimeter fencing it’s a loud, sideways spectacle, and for the drivers it’s often considered ‘the big one’.

To go well in the RAC TT Celebration you need to be comfortable with power and a rear axle that wants to swap places with the front, particularly in the unruly V8 Cobras. With that in mind we thought it would be fun to scour YouTube in search of the finest RAC TT Celebration onboards. What we’ve found, we’ll hope you’ll agree, are some epic, noisy and very sideways onboards, the oldest from 2012 and the most recent from 2018. Take a deep breath – these are good…


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