Seven star super saloons to see at SpeedWeek

13th October 2020
Ethan Jupp

Our countdown of the coolest cars coming to Goodwood SpeedWeek presented by Mastercard brings us to the saloons. You won’t find a Goodwood event that doesn’t have a selection of the coolest tin-tops. SpeedWeek will have the biggest variety seen yet.


Calsonic Nissan Skyline GT-R

For fans of the Nissan Skyline GT-R, SpeedWeek will be hosting the original Godzilla as it goes flat-out in the Shootout presented by Mastercard. Yes, the original Godzilla. The car that earned the name. The Calsonic R32 GT-R, of Group A domination fame. The Spa 24 hours not enough? Rarely. Just in case it isn’t, three consecutive Group A championships in Australia should do it.


Holden Commodore

Speaking of domination from down under, next up is the 2013 Holden Commodore by Walkinshaw Racing. One in a now 50-year lineage of spluttering V8 monsters, in this case from the V8 Supercar Series,  once did battle with Ford, Mercedes and Nissan. It’ll now trade Mount Panorama for the Goodwood Motor Circuit at SpeedWeek for a flat-out thrash in the shootout.


Corolla 2020 BTCC

From the greats of history, to the very latest and greatest – SpeedWeek has it all. In the case of tin-tops, we have the 2020 Toyota Corolla BTCC. Multiple BTCC race-winner Tom Ingram will be piloting his 2020 steed in the Shootout battling everything from a 1970 Ferrari 512M, to a brand-new all-electric Ford Mustang drift car.


BMW 3.0 CSL Batmobile

If legendary BMW tin-tops are your thing, SpeedWeek will be a tonic. The E30 M3 Group A car in the Shootout is cool, as are the 1800 TiSAs in the St. Mary’s Trophy, as is the 530i in the Gerry Marshall Trophy. But nothing trumps the Batmobile – the 3.0 CSL. Catch the Coupe Sport Licht, wings, arches, air dams, screaming straight-six and all, in the shootout.


Mini Countryman

The St. Mary’s is never short of Minis but did you ever think you’d see a Countryman take to the grid alongside Mk2 Jaguars, Alfa Giulias and Ford Galaxies? Well, if not, think again. This 1964 Austin Mini Countryman proved its chops at last year’s Members’ Meeting following a hefty restoration. We’ve high hopes for it in the St Mary’s at SpeedWeek.


Chevrolet Camaro NASCAR

Perhaps you’re used to the Camaros of the Gerry Marshall Trophy and Sprint (though it’s been a long time since we’ve heard them). Well, now imagine a Camaro NASCAR you’d normally see ripping donuts at the Members’ Meeting going flat-out for laps of the Motor Circuit. This Sprint Cup Camaro will be unleashing over 850PS of V8 fury in the shootout.


Vauxhall Magnum DTV

We couldn’t have a list of the hottest tin-tops you’ll see at the SpeedWeek without a nod to the Gerry Marshall Trophy, could we? Picking a star car from such a spectacular grid is difficult but the proof is in the provenance. How about the Vauxhall Magnum DTV, actually raced by Gerry Marshall himself, alongside the King of the Mountain Peter Brock, in the 1977 Spa 24 Hours. This car and driver combo went from 28th on the grid to a second-place finish.

Toyota, BMW and Vauxhall images courtesy of Motorsport Images, GT-R and Commodore image courtesy of Ric Wood, Mini image by Toby Adamson, NASCAR image by Steve Tarrant.


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