Video: 75MM Gerry Marshall Sprint full race

05th April 2017
Ethan Jupp

How do you top the glory of the Gerry Marshall Trophy's Group 1 tin-top weapons battling into the dark on the Saturday of 75MM? That was the task the Motorsport Content team were faced with when coming up with the Gerry Marshall Sprint that followed on Sunday.

The solution? Reverse the grid. Stick the big-banger V8 beasts that ordinarily get a clear run on the straights, behind the plucky Minis, Escorts and Dolomites that harass them in the bends. The results were, to say the least, epic. You’ve got to work for your honours in the Gerry Marshall Sprint! In the end, weaving wizard Chris Ward got his howling Patrick Motorsport SD1 to the top spot, with the uppity Mk1 Golf GTi and Swifty in the Mini that started ahead, only a few places back. Catch the action in full in the video above!

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