Video: Incredible car control in wild Ford GT40 at Goodwood

21st April 2022
Ethan Jupp

Not much gets the blood pumping like a properly fast and on the edge onboard around Goodwood, and few look sketchier or sound better than a GT40. With the view of a Lola T70’s rump bobbing around, today we ride on board with Emile Breittmayer as he takes chase.

As is the case with these big-banger brutes, the drivers are fighting the cars as much as they are their opponents, with the grip almost always in a sharp deficit to power. Emile’s car control is exemplary, dancing the GT40 with careful throttle and aggressive yet measured steering. The occasional flourish of rampant oversteer is a joy to see but no doubt frustrating when gunning for race pace. How these 60-year-old cars gobble up the start-finish straight too never fails to baffle us. Are these your favourite cars to ride on board with at Goodwood?

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Video: Incredible car control in wild Ford GT40 at Goodwood

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