Gallery: Sunday morning at 78th Members’ Meeting

17th October 2021
Andrew Willis

The homely smell of burning wood hangs low in the crisp autumnal air as we re-enter the 78th Members’ Meeting for the final day of motorsport action from Goodwood in 2021. Despite the welcoming and familiar site of the Motor Circuit, there’s something strange about getting ready to sign-off the year with an event that usually kicks us off.

Perhaps it’s the foggy head from Saturday’s festivities that’s causing a bit of early morning naval-gazing. It’s nothing a brisk walk through the main paddocks won’t sort out. And mercifully, this moment of privacy amongst the great and the good of motorsport quickly snaps us out of any grogginess. 

Whether shed-built single-seaters, retro tin-tops, Grand Prix legends, historic two-wheeled TT icons or the very latest examples of luxury automotive engineering like the show-stealing T.50 from Gordan Murray Automotive; any remains of a hangover is quickly blown-away with the wisping white wood smoke from the event’s open fires. Thankfully, the embers will hardly have time to go cold before we’re back again in 2022. 

Photography by Pete Summers.

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