Race report: 77MM – Parnell Cup

07th April 2019
Richard Heseltine

William Nuthall claimed a convincing win in the Parnell Cup race for Grand Prix and Voiturette cars that competed from 1935-1953. The Alta man ran third early on as he chased down early leader Paul Grant’s Cooper-Bristol and the similar car of Steve Russell.


The one-off 2.5-litre Kieft of Nigel Batchelor was also a threat, but the order was nullified at three-quarter distance of the 20-minute encounter due to a safety car period, by which time Alexander van der Lof’s Ferrari 340 had moved into third place. Racing resumed with two minutes left to run, with Nuthall running up front and soon extending his lead from Batchelor and van der Lof, his margin of victory being 2.123 seconds. Victory was particularly sweet for Nuthall as the Alta had suffered a head gasket failure in practice.

Photography by Tom Shaxson.

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