Video: 75MM Gerry Marshall Sprint highlights

19th March 2017
Ethan Jupp

How, you might be asking, does the Gerry Marshall Sprint differ from the epic hour-long race into the night that we had yesterday? Is it a one lap thrash perhaps? Nope. 

What you’ll find, by watching the video above, is a reversed-grid. That is, the first 19 cars on the grid, the fastest 19 cars, are reversed in their placing at the start? What does this mean? The fastest have to fight through the pack for the place they would otherwise start with after qualifying, and some of the more plucky but no less commendable entrants get a crack at some defensive tactics in a bid for a win. 

Opinions on it were a mixed bag beforehand, but the video speaks for itself: This was absolutely brilliant! With Capris, the Golf and other such raspy blighters blocking the path of the monstrous SD1s and Camaros, they had to fight for a place. And fight Chris Ward did, as he dispatched car after car on his way to a convincing victory. Not that the pluckier stuff wasn’t putting up a fight! Nick Swift had his savage little Mini properly on its toes! Catch the highlights in the video above. 

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