Video: 75MM, Hailwood Trophy highlights

19th March 2017
Ethan Jupp

The two-stroke smog of 250 and 350cc Grand Prix bikes hit the circuit today, as the Hailwood Trophy had its second Members’ Meeting outing. These furious screaming smoking machines and their fearless jockeys didn’t hold back, not least Mike Edwards on his 1979 Yamaha TZ350E.

Come the end of the Hailwood two-wheeled tussle, Edwards had over 30 seconds on the pursuing Nigel Palmer who himself had 34 seconds on Michael Russell in third. Further back in the pack is where the real action was at, though, as riders were knee-to-knee, wrestling for position. Sam Clews and Mike Hawthorne were unlucky in dropping out toward the end of the race, with Hawthorn’s machine bowing out in dramatic style with a plume of smoke on its final lap. 

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