Video: 75MM Varzi Trophy in full

04th April 2017
Ethan Jupp

Joining the eccentric S.F. Edge Trophy's Edwardian speed machines on the 75th Members’ Meeting pre-war bill were the beauties of the Varzi Trophy. The grid contained the oldest Grand Prix machinery at the Meeting.

In spite of a couple of incidents in the first half of the race, Michael Gans made it a respectable fourth place in the end, albeit finishing a full 20 seconds behind Julian Majzub in his Bugatti in third. The winning Alfa Romeo Tipo B had a similar moment to Gans’ first, running off on the grass returning to the circuit to maintain the lead. Catch the full glory of the Varzi Trophy in the video above.

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  • varzi_trophy_75mm_27011703.jpg

    Members' Meeting

    Stunning Franco-Italian pre-war racers to do battle in all-new Varzi Trophy at 75th Members’ Meeting

  • 75mm_varzi_trophy_goodwood_video_play_19032017.png

    Members' Meeting

    Video: 75MM Varzi Trophy highlights

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    Formula 1

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