Video: 75MM's best battle? Woolmer v Colburn in the Weslake

23rd March 2017
Ethan Jupp

At Goodwood we’re a big fan of testing a driver’s chops by plonking them in a tin can with six horsepower, slamming the door shut and shouting “bon chance!”

The formula has been proved with the St Mary’s Trophy at Revival, with the most recent running featuring a grid of less-than-well-endowed Austin A30s and A35s. The results were drifty, exciting, and on occasion, the wrong way up

Further evidence of its brilliance came last weekend at the 75th Members’ Meeting in the howling A-series-powered Weslake Cup. Don’t get us wrong, the Austins make these little sportscars look like hot rods in the power stakes, but these aren’t exactly GT40s. You still have to work for your win, throwing the car about and carrying as much speed as possible. The power deficit, we imaging, could cause a degree of frustration. We suspect that may have been the inspiration for some of the utterly jaw-dropping racing in the video above. It’s a battle of nerves between Woolmer and Colburn in their respective Sebring Sprite and Lenham Sprite. Words can’t really get it across… just watch…

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