Video: Derek Bell Cup highlights

18th March 2017
Ethan Jupp

The Derek Bell Cup for 1.0-litre F3 screamers had its fair share of calamity and close racing, with Andrew Hibberd showing us how it’s done in the Brabham-Ford BT18.

Thirty-eight seconds! That’s how far ahead he was from the fourth-third-second battle of Sam Wilson, Peter Thompson and Jonathon Hughes in their Tecno, Brabham, and Merlyn-Fords. In fact, Hibberd can probably thank those three in part for his massive lead, as they kept each other locked in a fantastic battle for the duration of the race. None could escape to really get a lick on and go after Hibberd, so he left them. Good for us, though, as it made for some great racing to watch! Catch the spins, spills and thrills of the Derek Bell Cup in the highlights video above.  

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