Video: Dicing on board in a Ferrari 250 GTO/64

17th April 2017
Adam Wilkins

What's it like to drive something as revered as a Ferrari 250 GTO/64 in unyielding wheel-to-wheel battle? We put a camera in the car with Nicky Pastorelli to find out.

Unyielding is the word, as he cuts his way through the field in the near pricless GTO without ever giving away a spare inch. Lap one is spent looking for – and finding – a way past a Lightweight E-type. A Bizzarrini occupies much of lap two, and then it's a hard-driven Ginetta G10 that slows progress. Even so, Pastorelli finds a way past and continues to battle through field, always leaving and being left just enough space.

The other side of this tightrope of preservation versus progress is the mechanical sympathy that's shown to the car throughout the whole battle. It's a joy to watch, and our camera was right behind Pastorelli's shoulder the whole time.

  • 75MM

  • Graham Hill Trophy

  • Ferrari

  • 2017

  • Sportscar

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