Video: Fabergé Camaro belches flames at 74MM

07th March 2017
Ethan Jupp

Did anyone manage to tell the spectacular Fabergé Camaro that was a staple at 74MM’s Gerry Marshal Trophy, that occasionally, fuel has to actually be turned into horsepower, as well as fire?

Not that it was short on horsepower, but it really was that incendiary, as demonstrated in the video above, as we have just over a minute of near-on non-stop flame belching, as it hammers round the Motor Circuit. Now consider that at the 75th Members’ Meeting (which is now less than two weeks away), these tin-tops will be battling as the sun goes down. The big blazing Camaro will be visible from space!

If you didn't manage to get tickets for 75MM, don't miss the action on the live stream!

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