Video: Ferrari's heartbreaking spin at 74MM

10th March 2017
Ethan Jupp

One of very few advantages to being lost in the pack or at the back of a motor race, is you’re without the distraction of podium prospects. You get comfy and get on with it. Get in the zone, find a groove, maybe snatch some positions.

Meanwhile, up front, the pressures of pack leadership are profound. With a hoard of contemporary machinery sniffing at your back tyres, you need to forget about the pursuing pack and focus on the clear road ahead. If you’re second, like Gregor Fisken in his Ferrari in the video above, you’ve got everyone behind to worry about, as well as the one car in between second, and glory. As we can see, it all gets a bit too much on the way up to the chicane as the Ferrari slides and lurches off the track.

  • Ferrari

  • 74MM

  • 2016

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