Video: 75MM Gerry Marshall Trophy highlights

18th March 2017
Ethan Jupp

The Dads are back as the Gerry Marshall Trophy gang of quintessential ‘80s family hacks take to Goodwood for this year’s running of the staple Members’ Meeting race.

For 75MM the Gerry Marshall Trophy sees the day out, as SD1s, Capris, Camaros, Dollys, Minis and more diced into the night, dim yellow lights twinkling, tyres screeching, and in the case of Nigel Garrett’s Faberge Camaro, flames belching. The onset of dusk didn’t quell the savage racing, however, as the Ward/Shedden SD1 brought home a convincing victory 12 seconds ahead of the pursuing Bryant Z/28 Camaro. It was, as ever, gloriously smokey, drifty, noisy, and a little bit crashy. No great shakes for the Pentax RX-7! Catch the race highlights in the video above. 

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