Video: How to clean up the grid in a howling SD1

03rd April 2018
Ethan Jupp

When it comes to picking a car for the Gerry Marshall Trophy, there’s a wealth of extremes to be explored. You could go for anything from a monstrous Camaro Z/28 to a diminutive little Mini that probably weighs about as much as one of the big Chevy’s wheels. 

The smart money, however, is probably somewhere in the middle. Capri, Escort, SD1..? The big Rover might match the Camaro for sheer size but is, without doubt, the sweeter handling machine. It’s no Mini but it’s no slop either. That broad pallet of ability has never been more evidenced than with this on board where this SD1 claws and roars its way round the motor circuit at 76MM.

  • 76MM

  • Gerry Marshall Sprint

  • Gerry Marshall Trophy

  • 2018

  • Touring Cars


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