Video: Land Speed Record Darracq Gets Sideways At Goodwood

22nd March 2016
Two Hundred Horsepower. Not a bad number for a reasonably quick daily nowadays, is it? Imagine it over 110 years ago in something that weighs half as much as your Ford Fiesta ST.

That’s quite a long time ago, and you’d be correct in assuming that the Darracq is chuffing quick! In 1905, 200bhp was sufficient to propel this French legend into the history books with a land speed record of 109.65mph at the hands of Victor Hémery. Today it’s sufficient to amuse and delight guests and employees alike at the 74th Members’ Meeting as Mark Walker appears to hold on for dear life whilst wrestling in some corrective lock.

Pulling some serious neutral slides and looking like it’s going to spit Walker off at any moment, the Darracq is sure fire evidence that a need for speed and a compulsion to incinerate oil based fuels are habits long past their centenary. Watching this we can surely say we’re jubilant in our celebration of the last hundred years of motoring.

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