Video: Incredible Lister v Lister on board battle

20th March 2017
Adam Wilkins

It's the close battles that really make any Goodwood race, and the all-Lister Scott Brown Trophy certainly provided plenty of that. With Knobbly pitted against Costin and Jaguar power set against Chevrolet power, it was always going to be a fascinating battle.

The fight between Sam Hancock and Martin Stretton, both in Lister-Jaguar Knobblys, was one such battle. In this video, you can ride on board with Hancock as he follows Stretton patiently waiting for his opportunity to get past. There are times when he gets very close.

There's a move around the outside at Woodcote that looks like it might come off, but it's not until Hancock gets a good run out of Madgwick that he finds a way past.

  • 75MM

  • Scott Brown Trophy

  • 2017

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