Video: On the limit from lap one in a Sebring Sprite

18th March 2017
Adam Wilkins

There are Austin-Healey Sprites and MG Midgets of various shapes in the 75MM's Weslake Cup, and the Sebring Sprite of Richard Woolmer has to be amongst the prettiest. A mini Ferrari in its appearance? We'd be inclined to agree.

As well as being very pretty, the car has the moves too. Woolmer is on the limit straight away, and occasionally tip-toes over it while attempting to extract every bit of speed the car has to offer. As this video shows, it made for a very exciting qualifying session.

The Weslake Cup is named after Harry Weslake, who designed the overhead valve cylinder head for the BMC A-series engine. The grid contains not only Spridgets but a whole host of cars powered by the dependable four-cylinder engine.

  • 75MM

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  • 2017

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