Video: Pirro glues his Cobra to the car in front

20th March 2017
Adam Wilkins

When you're locked in an intense battle, stumbling across traffic can really affect the outcome. When that traffic is three cars strong and spread across St Mary's corner, it can be even more troublesome.

During the Graham Hill Trophy for pre-1966 GT cars, Emmanuele Pirro had pretty much glued his AC Cobra to the back of Michael Gans' Cobra, and both drivers pulled some pretty deft moves around a couple of Lotus Elans and a Jaguar E-Type at St Mary's. The interruption barely halted their charge, even though Pirro had to take to the very outside of the corner to get by.

It was one of many terrific battles at the 75th Members' Meeting, and it's captured in the video above.

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