Video: A minute's noise for John Surtees

21st March 2017
Ethan Jupp

What do you do that is good enough, that’s grand enough, to commemorate a motorsport hero like John Surtees? How do you do Big John justice?

Many would say you can’t, but with the 75th Members’ Meeting already concluding with a V8 Sportscar race bearing his name, and Sunday’s date being the 19th of March – making it 57 years exactly since Surtees’ debut in four-wheeled motorsport at Goodwood – we had to do something.

A small gesture, but we think fitting, as we summoned with everyone present the greatest motorsport war cry we could muster in honour of Il Grande John, after Lord March completed his commemorative lap in the Team Surtees Lola T70, but before the monsters in the Surtees Trophy set off for the final race of the meeting. The start of a year surely to be filled with gestures of remembrance. A magical moment: One of the most important and pertinent in Goodwood’s history, perhaps. One that, for certain, we will never forget.

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