Video: What makes GT1 cars so iconic?

11th April 2017
Ethan Jupp

Porsche 911 GT1, McLaren F1 GTR, Ferrari F40 LM, Lotus Elise GT1: All staples of the top flight of an early FIA GT grid, albeit with varying degrees of success. All, present in various trims, in action in the GT1 high speed demo at the 75th Members’ Meeting.

It’s coming up to a month gone since 75MM and, with each passing moment, this demo feels more and more like a dream. The occasional reminder of how real it was is needed. To that end, may we suggest you watch the glorious video above, courtesy of our good friends at DriveTribe, where a few of 75MM’s esteemed guests testify as to why these cars are so highly regarded. Not that we needed any convincing... They have a firm place in everyone’s hearts, on everyone’s bedroom walls, and now, on screens and in speakers everywhere. A true pinnacle in the history of sportscar racing.

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