MAY 13th 2020
Andrew Frankel

Andrew Frankel

F1 1950 – so you think modern Formula 1 is boring?

Article first published on May 15 2015

Back in 2015 I tried to watch the Spanish Grand Prix, really I did. I still tuned in to the start of every race because history shows that, perhaps three of four times per Formula 1 season, you’ll actually get a contest worthy of exerting sufficient energy to keep your eyes open. I prayed that Monaco next weekend would be one of those F1 races, because Spain most surely was not. I won’t dwell on its details, not least because I wasn’t awake for long enough to record them. But what I did manage to see, coupled with what I’ve read from those sufficiently stoic to remain unslumped throughout, suggests the inside of my eyelids made for far better viewing than anything seen on telly.

Alfa Romeos lead the 1950 Formula 1 British Grand Prix


Andrew Frankel

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