JUL 28th 2020

Seán Ward

Five bits of motorsport tech in your road car

It’s well known that race car technology can make its way down to road cars from time to time. With the need for homologation in a number of series, manufacturers often need to build a number of road-going versions of the racer to make it legal to race, which is why we’ve been treated to such delights as the Ford RS200 and the Porsche 911 GT1 Strassenversion. But those cars are just homologation specials, and believe it or not you can look much further down the automotive food chain and find concepts and ideas that were once top secret, racing developments.

Did you know that the World Rally Championship has made Citroën’s current crop of SUVs ride more smoothly? Or that a gearbox available in the Ford Fiesta has the Porsche 956 to thank for its existence? If not, read on…


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