This is a full-size McLaren F1 car made of Lego

07th April 2022
Ethan Jupp

Ever dreamt of seeing a full-sized Lego McLaren? We actually had one at the Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard a few years ago. That was a 720S though. What about a Lego Formula 1 car? Well, that dream is now a reality, with the reveal of this full-sized MCL36 constructed entirely out of Lego and big enough for a full-sized Daniel Ricciardo.


The McLaren F1 ace was on hand to reveal it ahead of the Australian Grand Prix this weekend, where it will be on display for race-goers. It’s comprised of 288,315 bricks and took around 1,900 hours to put together. While the engine doesn’t actually work, it does have movable mechanical pieces, such as pistons that go up and down. There’s also a functioning differential and working steering.

We strongly suspect this monster one-off costs a fair bit more than the recently-revealed Lego Technic item you can currently buy for £159.99. We’d order that one now, if not for their being mostly sold out…

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