Video: 75MM Brabham Trophy full race

30th March 2017
Ethan Jupp

The Brabham Trophy cohort of ‘50s Grand Prix machinery, like the F3 Derek Bell Cup, brought the single-seater action back to Goodwood for the 75th Members' Meeting.

Unlike in the Derek Bell Cup, however, Andrew Hibberd didn’t have it all his way from start to finish. Though he did win, he didn’t make his move against then race leader Sam Wilson until 5 minutes into the race, using some courageous braking and the car’s momentum to slither up the inside. In the end, he had it by just over a second, nowhere near the 38-second lead he pulled out in the Derek Bell. More such spectacular battles, ducking and diving in the full race video above.

  • 75MM

  • Brabham Trophy

  • 2017

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