Video: This McLaren F1 On Board Is Why The '90s Were Best

31st May 2016
Ben Miles

A manual gearbox, a screaming BMW V12, Goodwood race winner Steve Soper at the wheel and a supporting cast of other GT legends – this could be the greatest on board we've ever seen.

If, like the author of this short piece, you grew up with the BPR Global GT Series, and the succeeding FIA GT Championshiop, you'll know just why this video is so awesome without even watching it. If not here's some short background – the world's premier GT series at the time was the BPR Global championship, it landed in Britain for its fourth round at Silverstone in May 1996. At the time GT1 racing was on the up, the year before McLaren had clinched a shock Le Mans victory and loopholes in the rules were being exploited by the likes of Porsche, McLaren and Mercedes to create some of the coolest machines ever raced.

In this clip you'll ride in car with Soper and on the bonnet as he follows a fellow F1 through the pack, before finishing on an exquisite shot of the rear of a Ferrari F40. That sound, that vision, what could be better..?

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