Video: This is pure Porsche 956 onboard perfection

28th July 2022
Ben Miles

Skip the first three minutes of this video, they’re a bit weird and then there’s about half the parade lap. And if you do that, then you are going to be in for a real treat.

The rest of the video is over a quarter of an hour of pure Porsche 956 goodness. Riding onboard the Kenwood liveried car as it races a field of other Group C machines around Le Mans.

It’s a no holds barred brutal attack of turbo whoosh, flat-six shouting and overtaking. The big Porsche might not be being driven quite as hard as it was in its day, when the likes of Jacky Ickx and Derek bell hustled these sportscars around La Sarthe, but it’s still awesome.

One little treat, about five minutes in, listen out for a flying Jaguar XJR-something as it nips past on the run to Mulsanne corner, its V12 engine absolutely howling in protest as it storms past. The only shame is that the data logger on screen glitches out after a certain point, or we’re pretty sure we’d be seeing a decent chunk over 300km/h.

Oh to have had cameras like this back in the 1980s.

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