Video: Onboard an amazing Porsche 917 vs 917 vs 917 vs 908 battle

30th November 2023
Ben Miles

First things first, jump straight to the five minute mark before you watch this video. That’s when the race actually begins. At that point, sit back and drink in the visual and auditory treat that is riding onboard a Porsche 917k, chasing three more 917 chassis.

Yes, at the Rennsport Reunion that really was a race that took place. At the front, another two Porsche 917ks and a 908, this could be the greatest racing grid of Stuttgart products you will ever see.

It’s a decade old now – this is from Rennsport IV back in 2011 – but is not only still the greatest grid you will lay your eyes on, but also some brilliant racing. The fight for the lead is furious between the front four 917s, and we get a perfect view from our camera car, while also listening to that wonderful engine scream.

And this car, chassis 016, is pretty special itself. This is the very car that Pedro Rodriguez and Leo Kinnunen raced in the 1970 World Sportscar Championship. That’s the season that they won three races including the most iconic of all – the 1,000km of Brands Hatch, where Pedro showcased that he might be the greatest wet-weather driver of all time.

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Video: Onboard an amazing Porsche 917 vs 917 vs 917 vs 908 battle

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