Video: Race of BTCC champions at Donington Park

20th May 2024
Rachel Roberts

All racers set out to be the best, but when it comes to proving you’re the champion of champions, then it gets really competitive. This was the scene two decades back, when the BTCC Masters - the only race of its type to be held, took place at Donington Park in 2004.

20 laps around the iconic circuit to prove you were the best of all. Eight former BTCC champions lined up in the 16-strong field; Neal, Tarquini, Menu… To prove it was all down to driver skill, everyone drove the same model, a Seat Leon Cupra R, with the year they won the BTCC championship emblazoned as their driver number.

After two practice sessions it was straight to the action, with positions on the starting grid being determined by a random draw out of a hat. Well, if you really are the best of all, surely it doesn’t matter where you start. As you’d expect, this race is full of action right from the off, or really, just before; second on the grid Anthony Reid jumped the lights and by the time he had reacted to his quick trigger, had lost several places down the grid. 

High-speed thrills and spills then ensue as you would only expect champions to race. But was Reid able to recover? Sit back, hit play, and discover who was the definitive BTCC master.


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