Classic 911 is Dakar ready

19th November 2021
Henry Biggs

Have you started putting together a Christmas wish list yet? Because we’ve just had a very special Porsche jump straight to the top of ours.


The car in question is a 1991 Porsche 911 – making it the very best 964 generation – in full Dakar Rally spec. And by that we don’t mean it’s got a full set of Cibies and a race livery; this car will be competing in the 2022 Dakar Rally, following in the tyre treads of the winning 953 and 959 Porsches of the past.

The car’s flat-six has been fettled to cope with running for extended periods in high temperatures and altitudes. It also puts out a useful 300PS as a corollary. Feeding it are twin 80-litre fuel tanks perfect for the long stages of the Dakar.


The chassis has likewise been upgraded, having been both strengthened and lightened. Fully adjustable shock absorbers, all-around double wishbone suspension and 35-inch BFGs should tackle the tough stuff aided by a rally-style hydraulic handbrake and controllers for the differentials that allow them to be fully locked.

Inside the driver and co-driver get a roll cage, pair of racing seats and five-point safety harnesses while the exterior gets a livery inspired by street art. OK, it’s not actually for sale but we that’s why it’s called a wish list.

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    New 911 Dakar is the off-road Porsche of our dreams

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    Porsche is building an off-road "Dakar" 911

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    The genius of the Porsche 911 Dakar on the road