Race ,Historic
JAN 29th 2020

Will Bibb

How the McRae Enduro took on the Dakar and survived

The Paris-Dakar Rally: believed to be the toughest endurance challenge the motorsport world has to offer. Attempted only by an elite few, the 14-day slog traditionally began on New Year’s Day in the French capital, finishing in the Senegalese city of Dakar. Along the way, scores of competitors in cars, pick-ups, bikes, trucks, were joined by quad riders and buggy pilots, tackling up to 800 excruciating kilometres per day. Traversing some of North Africa’s most arduous terrain, the ultimate off-road test came in navigating deadly seas of ‘fesh-fesh’, ascending mile-high dunes, plugging through knee-deep mud, dodging rocks, and blasting across miles of celestial erg. To be crowned King of the Sahara was no mean feat.


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