Video: Did you know Ferrari made a Group B rally car?

02nd October 2016
Ethan Jupp

Ferrari? Rally car? Are we in an alternate dimension? Is the Mitsubishi Evo now a revered Italian supercar? 

Nope. Evos are still fire spitting AWD Japanese weapons, and Ferrari is still one of the great iconic supercar brands. But cultivate an image of the Group B era of the early ‘80s: Mid engined monstrous machines that weigh very little, and go very fast. 

Thinking outside the box, that description does fit the aforementioned exotic machines that, ordinarily, couldn’t be further away from the wild and winding gravel stages that Group B monsters so famously (and rapidly) ingested. Ferrari racing wizards Michelotto saw potential and in the 308, and a rule book ripe for exploiting. The result was this: The Ferrari 308 GTB Group B. Watch, in the video above, as Autocar’s Matt Prior gets to grips with this insane and delightful creation. 

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