Video: Ex-Fangio C-Type Flung Through Mountain Roads

18th May 2016
Ethan Jupp

We have met this historic Jaguar C-Type before, prepared by JD Classics it was once raced by Juan Manuel Fangio and is also famous for being pedaled to glory by Goodwood competitor, and Nissan factory driver, Alex Buncombe at Monaco.

Witness, in the video above, a spectacular drive by 2015 RAC TT Celebration winner Chris Ward in the Jag during the Bernini Granturismo. Ward takes no prisoners, wrestling the old Cat up the mountain pass as the drizzle turns into a deluge. The car control exhibited is simply outstanding, with Ward crossed up in almost every corner, hanging her out on the throttle and at points, out and out drifting up the course. Driving poetry. If you’re going to send your priceless classic up a slippery timed course, you’d best be careful picking the dab hand to do it. Ward absolutely nails it, and the car sounds utterly spectacular on song. What a privilege to see such a unicorn driven in such a manner, and props to Ward for taking second place.

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